TushBaby Hip Carrier Review – My Experience After a Day at Disneyland

Tushbaby Hip carrier review

As my daughter approached her second birthday, I started planning our next trip to Disneyland. I loved taking her when she was an infant and could nap in her stroller, but now that she's a busy toddler who wants to walk as much as possible, I knew I needed a better baby-carrying solution for the long park days.

After hours of online research on hip carriers and baby wraps, I decided to purchase the TushBaby Hip Carrier. I was drawn to its safety certifications, versatility for multiple carry positions, and convenient storage pockets that allow it to double as a diaper bag.

The company advertises several appealing benefits like pediatrician-recommended ergonomics for babies, reduced back pain for mom/dad, and lightweight portability compared to bulky carriers. At $85, it was pricier than some basic slings but much more affordable than higher-end baby-wearing systems.

With our Disney trip coming up, I was eager to put the TushBaby to the test. Could it truly allow me to comfortably carry my active toddler for miles of walking and waiting in ride lines? Would the storage pockets give me quick access to essentials without lugging around a separate diaper bag? I couldn’t wait to find out!

My Experience Using the TushBaby Hip Carrier

Unpacking and First Impressions

When I first opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight feel of the TushBaby. It weighs less than a pound, which is much lighter than traditional structured baby carriers. The polyester fabric has a smooth, durable texture that seems like it will clean up nicely after inevitably getting spilled on.

The carrier comes in a variety of color options – I selected classic grey which complements any outfit. The streamlined design is not bulky, with subtle logo accents on the interior lumbar pad and shoulder straps. I appreciate the discreet look compared to the loud patterns on some baby wraps.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Putting it on

I started by loosening all the straps and stepping into the waist belt first. I secured the velcro waist closure in front then clicked the plastic safety buckle over top. Next, I slid my arms through the shoulder straps and tightened them straps until everything felt snug but not uncomfortably tight. The process only took a few seconds and required no complicated wrapping or convoluted arrangements.

Fitting my daughter in it

My 22-month-old daughter weighs about 22 pounds currently. I was pleased to find that the TushBaby easily accommodated her size. I set her in the seat, nestling her between the contoured flutter panels. I fastened the safety strap across her back and she seemed secure and cozy.

Walking around Disneyland

On our Disneyland trip, we alternated between letting my daughter walk and popping her into the TushBaby when she got tired. Settling her into the carrier was quick and simple every time. The hip seat design kept her weight centered on my hips rather than pulling at my shoulders like some backpack-style carriers.

The lumbar support pad and shoulder straps distributed the load exceptionally well. We waited in long ride queues and navigated crowded park walkways all day with zero back or shoulder fatigue!

Storage Capacity

While the TushBaby has handy built-in pockets, I did find its storage capacity was smaller than expected…

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Tushbaby Hip Carrier review

Final Verdict

What I Liked

Overall, I was very impressed with the performance and comfort of the TushBaby carrier. Here are the top things I liked:

  • Lightweight and streamlined design
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off
  • Multiple positions – my daughter even napped in it!
  • Distributes weight onto hips vs. shoulders
  • Lumbar support effectively prevents back strain
  • Convenient pockets for essentials like phone, pacifier, etc.
  • Affordable price point under $100

Room for Improvement

The TushBaby isn't perfect though. A few areas I see for improvement:

  • Storage capacity is more limited than expected
  • Can feel snug for taller parents
  • Fabric gets somewhat warm in hot weather
  • Does not convert to front outward-facing carry

Best Suited For…

Based on my testing, I would recommend the TushBaby for:

  • Parents with babies/toddlers up to 36 months
  • All-day trips like theme parks or festivals
  • Situations where easy portability is key
  • Those seeking comfort and back pain prevention

I would not suggest it as your only baby carrier or for extended baby-wearing sessions.

Worth the Price?

Given the unique benefits of the hip seat design and lumbar support, I believe the $85 price tag is justified. The TushBaby costs notably less than higher-end ergonomic carriers while remaining thoughtfully designed and constructed from quality materials. For a parent seeking reliable comfort on long days out, yes – it's worth the investment!

Tushbaby hip carrier styles
Tushbaby hip carrier styles

Conclusion & Recommendation

After thoroughly testing the TushBaby Hip Carrier on a full-day outing at Disneyland, I can confidently recommend it to parents looking to save their backs. The lightweight carrier effectively distributed my toddler’s weight so that I could carry her for hours without any shoulder or back pain.

The streamlined, discreet design suits both baby-wearing newbies and pros with its uncomplicated 4-position functionality. While the storage capacity falls a bit short for all-day use away from the diaper bag, the handy pockets still hold small essentials easily.

TushBaby hits a sweet spot of comfort, quality, and value unmatched by lower budget slings but undercutting the splurge of deluxe ergo carriers.

For anyone seeking everyday convenience plus exceptional lumbar and shoulder relief when your adventures run long, TushBaby belongs on your baby registry! After my awesome Disneyland experience, I know I’ll be bringing this hip carrier along whenever I need to keep up with my busy toddler on family days filled with more steps than usual. TushBaby has earned my wholehearted recommendation!

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