Spooky…Trending Halloween Costumes For Kids

Trending Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the best time of the year to dress up and have fun. But you’re not sure what character your little one wants to be or if they can even handle a full costume yet!

Don’t worry, we got it covered. We scoured all our favorite movies, TV shows, books, and more for some of the top Halloween costumes kids will want to wear this coming Halloween! Whether your child is into superheroes like Batman or Wonder Woman or has their heart set on dressing up as everyone’s new favorite movie star (Frozen!) we found them all right here in this article, Trending Halloween Costumes!

Now that you know which costume your little one wants to wear this year, make sure they get exactly what they need with something from our wide selection of boys' costumes, girls' costumes, toddler costumes, and baby costumes! No matter how big or small your child is getting, there's something for every kid in our huge collection

In this post, we're going to take a look at what is popular trending for kids' Halloween costumes for 2023. We'll cover what is trending for kids now as well as some predictions on what may become popular in next year's costume contests. If you have a child who is interested in dressing up for Halloween, this article will be perfect for you!

Some of the most notable trends so far are superhero-themed costumes and animals such as pandas and owls. Although these two categories seem to be dominating right now, there is always room for something new to come along and take over! Let's take a look at some upcoming trends that might just be what your kid needs this year…

Our List of Trending Halloween Costumes for kids 2024…

JEPOZRA Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings for a Girl’s Halloween Costumes

You’ll be the star of the party when you bring your Butterfly Wings for Girls Kids Halloween Costume that’s perfect for carnival, pretend play, and dancing costumes.

This butterfly wings shawl – a sleeveless butterfly robe dress-up set that has a belt to make it an elegant look. The best part? It washes away clean after each use so it’s ready to wear again!”

Spooky Scarecrow

Spooky Scarecrow w/pumpkin Halloween Costumes/Mask.

Scarecrow or not, always wear a mask. You’ll be as cool as the time your dog threw up on that cute guy at the party and he kissed you anyway!

Now, this isn’t going to win any beauty contests but it does have a pumpkin for a head which might make you laugh if you’re drunk enough. This is typically thought of as a ‘prank’, so don’t expect it to offer much more protection than what the floppy leaves beside the door do.

A rope belt is included though, good luck climbing those stairs without getting tangled!

Inflatable Unicorn Costume

Rainbow Colored Unicorn Halloween Costumes is Trending in 2022

Make a rainbow-hued and unicorn-themed costume that will make them the center of attention at their next party.

Ride around in style on this inflatable costume, and nothing will stop you from feeling like an amazing mythical creature comes to life!


Spooktacular Creations Fairytale Witch Cute Halloween Costume Deluxe Set for Girls

A House of Halloween Classic!
Witches are hot this season, so dress up your little one with the latest creations by international designer, Spooktacular Creations.

This adorable Deluxe Witch Kit is an exclusive Toddler Witch Costume that includes a full-skirted witch’s outfit complete with a matching hat and features all things traditional witches wear. !

Rubie's Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Are Back!!!!

Join the ranks of your favorite team and protect New York City from ghosts galore in an officially licensed Rubie's Ghostbusters Long Sleeve Costume for kids.

This proton pack comes with a black jumpsuit and backpack that zip up to reveal an even eerier look. You’ll love feeling like you’re part of this legendary group while saving NYC from the never-ending stream of ghosts!

Costume Kids Supergirl

Supergirl Kids Costume is HOT!!

What’s hot on TV this Halloween? Supergirl! This officially licensed Supergirl Kids Costume is HOT!! It features a long-sleeved dress, with a blue top and a red skirt bottom.

The metallic gold waistband offers the comfort of movement along with an added detail to the costume’s look, while the removable red cape provides modesty of vision. Practical or not, who can resist that superhero touch?

Full Body Unicorn

Unisex Unicorn Full Body Inflatable Halloween Costumes for Kids

This year, avoid bad luck with this unicorn costume! This great-looking costume has everything you need to turn into a mythical beast for any event.

The Deluxe Version of the Inflatable Unicorn Costume comes with an instruction sheet and air pump, so no batteries are needed! Truly one size fits all, it features a comfortable inflatable suit that accessorizes perfectly with its beautiful rainbow mane.

One thing’s for sure—you are not going to be missed in the crowds at your next event.

Monster Costume Kids

Zalgo the Urban Legend Brought to Life.

It’s every kid’s worst nightmare brought to life. Your friends will be begging you to become the latest urban legend – that is if they don’t chicken out first because of Zalgo, the creepy-crawly-crawling clown who lives in your wardrobe, under your bed, and on TV. They’ll probably forget it was every Halloween.

Ninja Kungfu costume

Costume of the Gleaming Silver Ninja

What’s the best way to make a costume? COLORFUL, FLOWY PANTS! So we added some daisies and hot pink accents to the silver. Boom. Instant matchless ninjas of all densities.

Super Value Pack for Role Play is great as a hero play toy or as an opening present for ninja party supplies such as photoshoots, pretend play party favors, and daily wear.

Add these perfect 10 costumes to your collection and you’ll be that #1 Party Goer on Halloween!

Vampire Bat Costume

Scary Vampire Bat Halloween Costumes

What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dressing up in a COOLJOY Kids Unisex Vampire Bat Costume? This classic costume is perfect for the annual throw-down on All Hallows' Eve!

Grim Reaper Costume

Spooktacular Creations Childs Unisex Glowing Eyes Reaper Costume

Glowing Eyes Reapers Child Unisex Costume is perfect for Halloween roleplay! It can be worn during all of your favorite spooky events, including festivals and phantom parties.

Made from 100% polyester with superior quality, this costume has a super value pack that will last. Your child’s imagination is sure to shine as they dazzle in their new attire this season!

Kids Bodysuit hero

Super Hero Halloween Costumes by Jian Yia is Fantastic in 2024

Be the most loved Avenger at your next Halloween party! Stand out this holiday with our JianYia Kids Superhero Costume. It is colorful, comfy, and has that stretch for a perfect fit.

Police Costume

Police Officers are Super Popular this Year.

Get your crime-fighting swagger now with Dress Up America’s police costume for boys. Get those bad guys in cuffs and chase down criminals as you go undercover as an officer, making the world a safer place to be.

This Navy blue police uniform includes a shirt, pants, hat, belt, whistle, and gun holster so it won’t take too long before you’re wearing handcuffs on your crooks!

Remember – there is no chance of being bored playing dress-up when you have this kickass outfit — just buy two so your fun can last twice as long.

Disguise boys Classic

Minecraft Halloween Costumes for Kids.

With the Minecraft skeleton mask, jumpsuit, and chest piece, your child will be able to enter into an imaginative world of blocks just like in the game.

You can give tips to your kids on how they should survive this hostile mob by wearing these tactical gear. The Pixel detailing found on the detachable chest piece will match with mask’s design for an authentic look.

As mom or dad, you can plan about Halloween day right now because it is not too soon!

Dinosaur Costume

GOOSH Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Finally – a costume that’s as uncompromisingly cute as it is ridiculously terrifying. Operation GOOSH Inflatable Dinosaur Costume for kids gets Jaws-sized laughs and double takes with its high-power blower, cute little rider, and bat wings.

On Halloween night you’ll be a definite contender among the most memorable trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood. Outfitted only with an inflatable vest – inflated by cordless air – it’s totally easy to wear the costume from head to toe without needing any assistance from anyone else.

Happy Halloween 2024!! 🙂

If you're still looking for a costume idea, take some time to look at what is trending this year. And if you want more information on the top Halloween trends for 2024 before making any decisions, feel free to contact us! We can help make your decision easier by sharing our predictions of popular costumes in 2024 with you today.

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